KIZASU Office is located in Minato, Tokyo and within about 10 minutes walk to stations such as Onarimon station, Daimon station and Shimbashi station. It is a bilingual co-wokring space that offers private office spaces for up to 3 people. There are also different choices to choose from.

There is an included bento kitchen and coffee shop on the first floor so you can buy food and drinks with a lounge area to sit down and relax. Altogether, there are 7 floors, so the area is quite spacious and additional services that you can purchase if needed.

Opening Hours

Mon~Fri: 10:00am ~ 8pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
24 hour access for people who get a private office

Office Facilities/Amenities

  • On-site Cafe/Restaurant
  • Computers
  • Dual/Single Monitors
  • Photocopier
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Events and / or workshops
  • Wheelchair accessible


For every hour, it cost 500 yen. For a day, it costs 2000 yen. For a week, it costs 25000 yen.

Private offices start at 69300 yen per month for one person with 24 hour access. There are options for up to 3 people. For 2 people, it costs 92400 yen and for 3 people, it costs 113300 yen.

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Office Location

6-16-8 KIZASU, REX building, Shinbashi, Minato, CoWorking space

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