Need help with your business in Japan?

Let’s face it, starting or simply running a business is tough and demanding, every day we must face obstacles and challenges to overcome. Overlay Japanese culture, language, bureaucracy into the mix and business in Japan becomes increasingly difficult.

That’s where SME Japan can help you. Our goal is to help you eliminate the stress and confusion of dealing with immigration, incorporation, business licensing, accounting, taxation and legal procedures just to name a few.

You can stay focused on growing your business, gaining customers and operations. You can stay reassured that our team of bi-lingual accountants, lawyers and admin assistants will take care of the business administrative details. Dare I say it, it’s a WIN WIN.

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Dan Tubman - Co-founder - USCPA
Dan Tubman - Co-founder - USCPA

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"Serving the needs of foreign owned businesses in Japan for over 20 years"