English speaking tax accountants in Japan.

The services of a English speaking tax accountant in Japan often come in handy when dealing with the confusing tax and accounting issues of running a business in Japan. It can be daunting in your own country let alone in a country such as Japan, add language issues, cultural differences regulations and procedures can cause delays in productivity leading to possible setbacks within your business.

This is where our English Speaking Tax accountants in Japan can help.  Whether in Tokyo, Osaka, other regions or from overseas we are able support your questions and answer the tricky questions.

Finding it tough to get understand taxes in Japan?

  • – Your local accountant is unable to give you advice in English regarding your taxes or accounting requirements.
  • – Ridiculously high fees charged for the smallest task. Grrr!
  • – You feel lost in Japan with all the complex local laws and regulations potentially leaving yourself exposed to tax or legal problems in the future?

Sugai san, our English speaking tax accountant in Japan, and his experienced team can solve all these issues for you in an affordable and timely manner.  Some of our important support services for foreigners setting up a business or conducting business in Japan:

1. Explanations in clear English
Our certified English speaking tax accountants in Japan have extensive experience providing tax and accounting services in English. We will explain everything you need to know according to Japanese law, giving you the assurance and space you need to confidently run and expand your business here.

2. Personal and Friendly Support.
Unlike large accounting firms, we adopt a personal, friendly attitude when dealing with our clients, and are flexible in adapting to individual needs and circumstances.

3. Risk Management
In recent years, there has been a distinct increase in the number of individuals and companies incurring heavy penalties due to their unfamiliarity with tax and accounting requirements. We work with our clients to avoid such exposure and ensure they pay only the minimal amounts required by Japanese tax laws.

4. Obtaining your corporate number (Tax ID)
In recent years, Japan has implemented a Corporate Number (known in other countries as a Tax ID). The team can help you obtain this number easily and quickly. See our Corporate number summary Guide for more information.

More than bridging the Language Gap: English Tax Accounting Services in Japan.

Understanding the Challenge:
Japan’s tax system is renowned for its complexity, with numerous regulations, forms, and reporting requirements that can be overwhelming for non-Japanese speakers. Business owners and individuals may find it difficult to comprehend and fulfill their tax obligations accurately, leading to potential penalties or missed opportunities for tax savings. This language barrier poses a considerable challenge, making it imperative to seek expert guidance from English-speaking tax accountants.

The Role of English-Speaking Tax Accountants:
English-speaking tax accountants in Japan play a vital role in simplifying the tax-related processes for businesses and individuals. They possess comprehensive knowledge of the Japanese tax system, enabling them to provide valuable guidance and assist with tax planning, preparation, and compliance. By understanding their clients’ specific needs and utilizing their language skills, these professionals bridge the gap between English-speaking taxpayers and the complex Japanese tax regulations.

Benefits of English Tax Accounting Services:
1. Clear Communication: Communication is key when it comes to tax accounting. English-speaking tax accountants ensure effective and accurate communication with their clients, explaining complex tax concepts in a language they can understand. This facilitates a better understanding of tax obligations, allowing businesses and individuals to make informed decisions.

2. Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Adhering to Japanese tax regulations is crucial to avoid penalties and legal complications. English-speaking tax accountants guide clients through compliance requirements, ensuring accurate reporting and timely submissions. By minimizing the risk of errors and omissions, they provide peace of mind and help clients maintain a good standing with the tax authorities.

3. Tax Planning and Optimization: English-speaking tax accountants offer valuable tax planning strategies tailored to the unique circumstances of their clients. They identify opportunities for tax savings, deductions, and credits, optimizing tax liabilities within the boundaries of Japanese tax laws. This proactive approach helps businesses and individuals maximize their financial resources and achieve their tax-related goals.

4. Cultural Understanding: Beyond language proficiency, English-speaking tax accountants in Japan possess a deep understanding of both Japanese and Western business cultures. This cultural sensitivity allows them to provide holistic advice that aligns with their clients’ goals and ensures compliance while considering cultural nuances and business practices.

Why should I use English Tax Accounting Services in Japan?

Engaging the services of English-speaking accountants in Japan empowers international businesses in several ways:

1. Communication and Understanding: English-speaking accountants facilitate effective communication between businesses and local stakeholders, ensuring clarity and accuracy in financial matters. Their language proficiency bridges the gap and fosters better collaboration with Japanese counterparts.

2. Compliance and Risk Mitigation: With a deep understanding of local regulations, English-speaking accountants help businesses navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring compliance and minimizing the risk of penalties or financial errors.

3. Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing accounting tasks to professionals, businesses can focus on their core competencies and strategic objectives, allowing them to thrive and grow in the Japanese market.

English Summaries of the important taxes in Japan to understand.

business guides

Business Guide

Withholding Tax

Explaining withholding tax for an employer and how it may affect you and your employees.

Business Guide

Corporation Tax

A guide explaining the corporate tax, the effective rates and how it is applied in Japan.

business visa Japan

Business Guide

Japan’s National Tax

A guide explaining your questions on National Tax and delinquent tax payments answered.

Business Guide

Lump-Sum Pension Payments

Guide to the Japanese pension lump payment system.

Business Guide

Leaving/Exit tax

How Japan’s exit tax may affect you and your business.

English speaking tax accountant in Japan, why choose us?

We focus on foreign companies and individuals.
80% of our clients are foreign companies and individuals. We understand their unique challenges in navigating the Japanese market and are setup to support you.

We provide comprehensive English support to individuals and companies.
In addition to accounting and tax services, we provide support in matters related to visas, company incorporation, social insurance filings and business license applications.

We handle all correspondence with you in English.
The Japanese tax system is complex and updated frequently.  We will breakdown the details clearly and explain how it applies to you in English.

Dan Tubman - Co-founder - USCPA

Business Guide

Furusato Nozei

 Japan very unique local “home tax” system. Aimed to help rural economies.

Business Guide

Pension System

 Japanese pension information, how much do I need to pay?

Business Guide

Japan Year-End Tax Filing

Information on Filing your end of year tax in Japan.

Consumption Tax

A run-through on what you need to know about consumption tax in Japan. Especially important if you own property.  See our Tax Calculator

Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax

Understand your rights and how to deal with tax from the result of inheritance or a gift that has been passed down to you.

Capital Gains Tax

Find out what tax you may be eligible for if you’re selling a property or business asset in Japan.

Business Guide

Residency For Tax Purposes

How does residency status and the recent changes affect your rate of tax in Japan?

Business Guide

Employment Deduction

A review regarding deductions in an employee’s pay-check due to government taxes and other purposes.

Business Guide

Individual Income Tax

Defining your individual income tax and whether you owe taxes or our eligible to a tax refund in Japan.

Need More Information?

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English speaking tax accountant in Japan supporting your Business tax, Accounting & Bookkeeping needs.

The benefits of an English speaking tax accountant in Japan are numerous. You have enough headaches just running your business without having to carefully step through the tax minefield. While you concentrate on growing your business we will handle all the essential aspects of your corporate accounting and tax submissions, so you can focus on running your business with peace of mind.

We are knowledgeable in all of the major accounting software applications like XERO.com, Quickbooks and also the local Japanese software tools such as SaaS freee accounting, JDL.

In summary, English tax accounting services in Japan provide a lifeline for English-speaking businesses and individuals grappling with the complexities of the Japanese tax system. By offering clear communication, ensuring compliance, providing tax planning strategies, and embracing cultural understanding, these professionals play a crucial role in facilitating smooth tax operations. Seeking assistance from experienced English-speaking tax accountants is not only beneficial for meeting tax obligations but also helps businesses and individuals thrive in the Japanese market. (updated June 2023).

English – Japanese Tax and Accounting glossary

English Romanji Furigana Kanji
accountant Kaikeishi かいけいし 会計士
accounting department keiribu けいりぶ 経理部
annual closing nenkankeisan ねんかんけいさん 年間計算
audit kansa かんさ 監査
delivery note nouhinsho のうひんしょ 納品書
liquidity ryuudousei りゅうどうせい 流動性
listed company joujoukaisha じょうじょうかいしゃ 上場会社
loan kariirekin かりいれきん 借入金
local currency genchi tsuuka げんちつうか 現地通貨
local tax chihouzei ちほうぜい 地方税
monthly report getsuji houkoku げつじほうこく 月次報告
standard costs hyoujun genka ひょうじゅんげんか 標準原価
stock exchange shouken torihikijo しょうけんとりひきじょ 証券取引所
stockholder kabunushi かぶぬし 株主
stockholder meeting kanunushi shoukai かぶぬしそうかい 株主総会
stock price kabuka かぶか 株価
sister company shimaikaisha しまいかいしゃ 姉妹会社
subsidiary company kogaisha こがいしゃ 子会社
tangible fixed asset yuukei kotei shisan ゆうけいこていしさん 有形固定資産
tax accountant zeirishi ぜいりし 税理士
tax rate zeiritsu ぜいりつ 税率
tax year zeinendo ぜいねんど 税年度
tax deductible sonkin sannyuu koumoku そんきんさんにゅうこうもく 損金算入項目
taxable income kazei shotoku かぜいしょとく 課税所得
taxation kazei かぜい 課税
total assets soushisan そうしさん 総資産
total liabilities fusaigoukei ふさいごうけい 負債合計
total sales souuriagedaka そううりあげだか 総売上高
trade account receivables urikakekin うりかけきん 売掛金
transfer price furikae kakaku ふりかえかかく 振替価格
useful life taiyou nensuu たいようねんすう 耐用年数
value added tax fukakachizei ふかかちぜい 付加価値税
variable costs hendouhi へんどうひ 変動費
variance analysis saibunseki さいぶんせき 差異分析
working capital untenshihon うんてんしほん 運転資本