The Smarter Way to Start a Business in Japan

SME Japan provides a full list of incorporation and administration business services to help you set up, operate, and manage your business in Japan. We can take care of your admin overhead while you focus on growing your business.

Whether you are a start-up business or a multinational corporation (MNC) looking to set up a subsidiary in Japan or anywhere in between, SME Japan’s team of experts are here to help you get started and assist you along your journey to success.

If you already have an existing business in Japan we make it easy to switch to a one stop shop. Ask us today!

Dan Tubman - Co-founder - USCPA
Dan Tubman - Co-founder - USCPA

English speaking accountant in Japan, why choose us?

The services of an English speaking accountant in Japan often come in handy when dealing with the confusing tax and accounting issues of running a business in Japan.

We focus on foreign companies and individuals.
80% of our clients are foreign companies and individuals. We understand their unique challenges in navigating the Japanese market and are setup to support you.

We provide comprehensive English support to individuals and companies.
In addition to accounting and tax services, we provide support in matters related to visas, company incorporation, social insurance filings and business license applications.

Japan Business Services - Support & Assistance

Accounting for Investment Properties in Japanese Ski Resorts

Your guide to tapping into the Investing into Japanese ski resorts, tax requirements, structure and more.

Inari is seen as the patron of business, and merchants and manufacturers have traditionally worshipped Inari. Each of the torii at Fushimi Inari Taisha is donated by a Japanese business.

Company Services

Company Incorporation / Deregistration

Your guide on company incorporation and understanding what you will need to get started.


Accounting Services

English Tax and Accounting Support

Your guide on Japan’s accounting standards and tax policies for SME’s in Japan.

Japanese business people shaking hands smiling before meeting or negotiation

HR Services

Human Resources and Payroll Services

Your guide on several visa categories, their requirements and how to speed up the process.

An Extensive Range of Business services to Help You Succeed in Japan

SME Japan offers corporate business services in Japan that meets the needs of small and medium enterprises, including start-ups and foreign companies, and support large global businesses too.

SME Japan’s streamlined processes and efficient use of the latest technology enables us to provide you with world-class services and at a cost effective price.

Japan business services

Advisory Services

Business services – Advisory & Support

SME Japan can advise on all business related queries that you may have as well as supporting you all the way through the process.

Marketing Services

Marketing & Media Support

Your guide on Japan’s marketing and media services and how to apply them to your business.

License Services

Business License & Application Support

How we can support your business when applying for licences to establish yourself in Japan.

Need more information ?

For more information fill in the form or call us and we connect you to our client servicing team directly.

Startup Services

Startup Support

Your guide on starting up and establishing your company as a first step.

Exit Services

Exit Planning and Strategic Consulting

Ready to pack up and sell your business in Japan? We can help you.

Rental Services

Office Rental

Your guide to office space and alternative co-working spaces.

M&A Services

Japan Market Entry / Mergers and Acquisitions

Your guide to tapping into the Japanese market, merging and acquisitions of companies

IT Services

IT and Tech Support

Your guide on IT and Tech support in Japan and how you can find it.

SME Japan Prides Itself on Being Your One-Stop Partner for Operating Your Business in Japan

We are here to assist foreign and local companies doing business in Japan with advice and information to help understand the difficulties running a business here.

Just as it has been for several hundred small and medium-sized businesses, using our network and experience, we can help your company grow and make beneficial business decisions, regardless if you are setting up a new company in Japan or if you are already established and operating in Japan.

SME Japan provides experienced of lawyers, company secretaries, accountants, tax consultants and immigration experts who are intimately familiar with Japanese regulatory framework and nuances of doing business.

For more information on filing a year-end Japanese tax return visit our Japanese Income tax guides.  Alternatively, you can visit the Japanese Taxation office website for the latest up to date information.