Tax and Accounting

A Guide to Tax and Accounting in Japan

Dealing with the tax and accounting of a business can be daunting in your own country let alone in a country such as Japan. Added regulations and procedure can cause delay in productivity leading to possible setbacks within your business.

Typical Taxes To Be Aware Of In Japan

Furusato Nozei

Guide on directing your local tax to cities across Japan using the “home tax” system.

Pension System

Guide to the Japanese pension system.

Year-End Tax Filing

Filing and adjusting your end of year tax in Japan.

Exit Tax in Japan

How Japan’s exit tax may affect you and your business.

Consumption Tax

A run-through on what you need to know about consumption tax in Japan.

Lump-Sum Pension Payments

Guide to the Japanese pension lump payment system.

At the center of SME Japan’s business is our commitment to assisting businesses and individuals with a smoother and seamless move to Japan. Taxation and financial procedures are a foundation of all successful business of any size, with the support of the following guide we aim to support your steps in developing your business in Japan the most streamlined way possible.

Withholding Tax

Explaining withholding tax for an employer and how it may affect you and your employees.

Corporation Tax

A guide explaining the universal direct tax that and how it works in Japan.

Notification of National Tax

A guide explaining your questions on National Tax and delinquent tax payments answered.

Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax

Know your rights and how to deal with tax from the result of inheritance or a gift that has been passed down to you.

Individual Income Tax

Defining your individual income tax and whether you owe taxes or our eligible to a tax refund in Japan.

Capital Gains Tax

Find out what tax you may be eligible for if you’re selling a property or business asset in Japan.

Residency For Tax Purposes

How will your residency status affect your rate of tax in Japan?

Employment Deduction

A review regarding deductions in an employee’s pay-check due to government taxes and other purposes.

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Time To Get Your Finances in Order?

Dealing with taxes and accounts can be a painstaking and long process in any country. The accuracy of keeping your books up to date, clear and consistent simultaneously while running your business is imperative to knowing your cashflow as well as abiding by all laws.

Hiring a professional accountant is nothing to be scared of when starting a business, this can be a very important to ensuring that you can focus on building your business without the burden of dealing with a new countries taxes, policies and procedures.