Human Resources

A Guide to Human Resources in Japan

Japan has a myriad labor laws and regulations intended to protect the rights of workers, executive employees, and business interests. Specific topics for these laws include recruitment; employment contracts; wages, working hours; work rules; workplace safety and hygiene requirements; resignation and dismissal procedures and Japan’s social security, health and pension systems.

Recruitment of Employees and Related Regulations

Understanding Labor Contracts

Labor contracts and rules, advantages and disadvantages.

Japanese Rules of Employment

Understanding how to create a Rules of Employment document for your employees.

Getting your Human Resource policies aligned with regulations in Japan can be difficult.  In most cases it’s best to work with experiences professionals early on to get the structure correct rather than wait until problems arise.  Terminating full-time staff in Japan can be notoriously difficult and well informed staff know this.

Guides to understanding Wages, Working Hours, Rest Periods and Days Off in Japan.

Japanese Wage Regulations

For individuals thinking of moving to Japan for a longer period.

Legislation on Working Hours, Breaks and Days Off

Japanese workplace guidelines on the working day and beyond.

Japanese Regulations on Safety and Hygiene

Discover the necessary steps to keep your office space safe and hygienic for not only your employees but also for yourself.

Recruitment Regulations

Information on how to recruit for your business in Japan as well as some handy resources.

SMEJapan has many years of dealing with Human resources issues from incorrect dismal to “self employed” contract staff.  We can also help you bring an internal Human resource manual together from the start, including contracts stipulating what can and cannot be done.

Japanese Legal Guidelines on Resignation and Dismissal

In the unfortunate case of letting someone go or somebody resigns, understand the logistics behind Japan’s legal process.

Employees’ Health Insurance and Employees’ Pension Insurance

A guide to the typical office workplace and how to answer a call properly.

Japanese Phone Etiquette

A guide to the typical office workplace and how to answer a call properly.

Keyphrases for a Phone Call in Japanese

Master your phone conversation from the beginning to the end

Application of Laws

Japan’s major labor laws include the Labor Standard Act, the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and the Minimum Wage Act. The Labour Standards Act outlines the minimum standards for working conditions. The Industrial Safety and Health Act ensures the safety of health workers in the workplace, and the Minimum Wage Act outline the minimum wage standard for the country.

These laws apply to all businesses in Japan, be they foreign or domestic. They also protect foreign workers in Japan as long as they meet the requirements to be defined as workers under these laws.

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Compliance Filing

Companies have to file various documents to report their compliance with labor laws and regulations. The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has a list of sample documents that companies may need to file as well as detailed instructions on how to fill out the documents and submit them for filing. You can find these documents here.