Partnerships:  helping you do business in Japan!

Hand picked and research partners that we can recommend in Japan for helping your business. Generally these companies have English support and can help you solve a business issue.

MailMate – like your own digital personal, virtual mailroom and PA. It’s a service that removes time-consuming chores such as sorting mail, paying bills or invoices, and translating mail.

Read more about this partner… – A leading Japanese affiliate service platform. Grow your online sales  in Japan with this simple and easy setup platform.  Connect and let the marketing team recruit an army of local online affiliates.

Read more about this partner…

Why partner with

With 10’s thousands views a month a month SMEJAPAN is the Japanese No 1. Business resource guide for:

  • foreigners living outside of Japan that want to start a business in Japan.  Start-ups or already established business, have a great product and think Japan will be a great market.
  • already in living in Japan and running a business.  We help non Japanese entrepreneurs grow their business in Japan.

SMEJapan is all about reducing your admin overload so that you can focus on growing your business in the most simplest and efficient manner possible.  For this reason, a partnership with just makes sense. Read on…SME warriors.

We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses.
We believe in “win-wins”.


Japan wide results

Support programs that transform businesses in measurable ways across Japan.


Shared Value

Tap into new market and sourcing opportunities across Japan. Meet new clientele and expand your business.


World Class Professionals

Join a committed group of corporations, foundations, businesses and individuals. Share resources and help each other.


Direct Engagement

Get to work with the end customer, efficiently and without the middle man slowing the process.

Are you the right partner?

Do you have a great company already running in Japan serving the foreigner community?

Our requirements:
1. Your company can offer support, sales, service in English or other languages inside Japan?

2. You are a professional and established business that understands what it means to to give  “extraordinary( unusual or remarkable )  service.

3. Be able to treat customers that we introduce with respect and in a timely manner.