A Mailmate / Smejapan partnership helping you do business in Japan.

MailMate like your own personal, virtual mailroom and PA

Mailmate SOLVES your Japanese mail problem.

What, you don’t have a mail problem?  Have you considered the time you spend opening mails, notifying authorities if you change address, paying bills OR trying to understand the Japanese?

Trust us, the “time spent” can add up. Why not outsource it ?

Why not outsource the headache to a professional company that can do this and more. Mailmate solves another headache in doing business in Japan, taking care of your incoming emails, paying bills in a language you may not understand.

SMEJapan is all about reducing your admin overload and helping non Japanese speaker grow your business in the most simplest and efficient manner possible.  For this reason, a partnership with Mailmate just makes sense. Read on…SME warriors.

It’s hard to remember a time when small businesses in Japan were hit as hard as they have been recently.

Hundreds of business across the country are closing and many are struggling to keep their head above the water. Any that decide to brave the storm and keep their doors open are losing staff to self-isolation or being forced to work from home. As a result, the mail – an important part of any business – is getting forgotten about or ignored, leaving businesses even further behind.

However, amongst the turmoil, there’s a newly formed company trying to help SMEs continue to run as smoothly as possible. That business is MailMate.

What’s MailMate? How Does It Work?

Think of MailMate like your own personal, virtual mailroom and PA. One that lets you register your corporate address at our office in the centre of Tokyo when you sign up.

It’s a service that removes time-consuming chores such as sorting mail, paying bills or invoices, and translating mail; the necessary jobs that teams all over Japan are forced to do.

With MailMate, everything you or your team would have had to do with mail now gets outsourced. And, that means more time to focus your efforts on your business.

postal assistant in Japan MailMate

This unique, zero-contract offering, focused around an easy-to-use digital interface where all your Japanese postal mail is hosted, helps businesses and individuals save a bunch of time and money.

Having access to your digitised mail from anywhere in the world makes a difference. But it’s a real game-changer having everything translated and organised, and your bills paid for you. Especially for those businesses run by expats.

You can easily share your mail with your lawyers or accounts, and you can also view translated summaries of all your mail, invoices and notices. And, they store your mail for up to 7 years. Further, MailMate keeps everything secure in the cloud using 256-bit encryption technology.

It’s a service they’ve seen a rapid uptake in since their inception at the end of last year. To start your 30-day free trial today, go to Mailmate.

Helping Businesses through the Coronavirus

In the current climate, MailMate is adapting their service by manually going from office to office across Tokyo to make sure all their new clients’ mail gets collected, sorted and actioned.
And, they’re offering this service to SME Japan users.

If your business has been affected by the Coronavirus, MailMate is offering you 3 months of their service for free. There are no obligations to continue using MailMate after the pandemic is over. So if you are stranded outside of Japan, or forced to work from home but still need to keep on top of your mail, MailMate can help.

To claim this offer from MailMate, click the big green button below…