Some answers to questions we frequently get asked:

Visa and Immigration Support Services

Can you guarantee our business visa will be approved.

Whilst we cannot guarantee approval because this done by the Japanese Ministry of Immigration we have a very high success rate with applicants that meet all the requirements.

Franchising your business in Japan

Is franchising popular in Japan?

U.S. franchising has heavily influenced the development of Japan‘s franchise industry since the early 1970s and there are many well known brands in the market. e.g Starbucks, Subway and Dominos pizza.   Although Japanese consumers are generally receptive to U.S. franchise concepts, products and services must be adjusted to local tastes and expectations in Japan to ensure success. A great example of this is McDonalds “Teriyaki Burger”.

Identifying the right business partner in Japan requires time and effort, and it can be difficult to find companies that are willing to invest in master franchise rights or to invest in business concepts that do not have a clear market or strong growth potential in Japan.

Must the franchisor be registered with a professional or regulatory body?

There is no requirement to register the franchise or to pilot one or more outlets before franchising under the Medium and Small Retail Commerce Promotion Act. Trade marks must be registered in order to be protected.

What are the laws regulating franchising?

The Medium and Small Retail Commerce Promotion Act regulates franchising that falls under the definition of “specified chain business”. A “chain business” is defined as a business that, under an agreement with standard terms and conditions, continuously sells or acts as an agent for sales of products and provides guidance regarding management, primarily targeting medium and small retailers.
Apart from the Guidelines concerning the Franchise System under the Anti-Monopoly Act, there is no law that specifically regulates franchising. There are, however, many laws that regulate specific industries or businesses, which may also apply to franchises. The franchisor must therefore comply with the applicable laws and regulations.