Japanese income tax can be sometimes confusing and difficult to understand. This tax calculator is used to assess what amount is the “crossover point” where it’s more beneficial to classify income from investment property as “personal” or “corporate” in order to minimise the Japan tax payable. This important when deciding whether you should hold the Japanese property under an individual name or via a corporate structure.

62 million yen

Building Cost

10 million yen

Land Cost

9 million yen

Annual Income

5 million yen

Annual Expense

Personal Corporate
Income ¥9,000,000 ¥9,000,000
Expenses ¥450,000 ¥450,000
Gross profit ¥8,550,000 ¥8,550,000
Depreciation ¥2,066,667 ¥2,066,667
Income before Tax ¥6,483,333 ¥6,483,333
Blue tax deduction ¥100,000
Standard Deduction ¥380,000
Taxable income ¥6,003,333 ¥6,483,333
Tax payable ¥773,167 ¥1,015,290
Effective Tax rate 11.93 15.7
Graphically represented you can easily visualise at what point its better to structure your property holdings under a corporate structure rather than individually or joint owned, this decision made early on in the process can help you minimise your Japanese income tax.

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For more detailed information visit our Japan Income tax guides.  Alternatively, you can visit the Japanese Taxation office website for the latest up to date information.

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