This Japan Property Consumption Tax calculator will help you understand whether it is beneficial for you to to apply and lodge consumption tax returns. Normally this is the case and you could stand to receive a large consumption tax rebate. Interesting note is that a lot of foreigner owners miss out on claiming this rebate because they feel it’s complicated. SMEJapan can easily apply for you.

The month of which the property changed ownership:
*For example, if the property changed ownership in September enter “9” above.

Building Cost

62 million yen

Land Cost

10 million yen

Annual Revenue

9 million yen


5 million yen

Year 1 (Based on 10%)
Proportion 0.3
Initial C-tax Rebate ¥4,960,000
C-tax on Sales (Payable) ¥200,000
C-tax on Purchases (Credit) ¥100,000
Total ¥4,880,000
Year 2 (Based on 10%)
C-tax Rebate ¥0
C-tax on Sales (Payable) ¥900,000
C-tax on Purchases (Credit) ¥500,000
Total ¥400,000
Year 3 (Based on 10%)
C-tax Rebate ¥0
C-tax on Sales (Payable) ¥900,000
C-tax on Purchases (Credit) ¥500,000
Total ¥400,000
Total over 3 years ¥4,080,000
Additional Accounting Fees for Japanese Consumption Tax filing.
Year 1 ¥100,000
Year 2 ¥80,000
Year 3 ¥80,000
Various Forms – Submission ¥16,500
Total ¥276,500
Net Benefit to the Property Owner ¥3,803,500

Consumption Tax Explained

As a general rule, Japan Property Consumption Tax (shouhizei) is payable on the sale of a building only and does not apply to the sale of land. In Japan, ownership of a building and the ownership of the land where the building is located are classified as separate legal entities.

In short, this means that when land and buildings are wrapped up in a sale to another counter party, consumption tax is payable on the purchase price of the building/s only.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The seller is legally responsible for paying Japan consumption tax to the national tax authorities (currently 10%), although usually in practice the buyer agrees to pay the consumption tax amount to the seller along with the purchase price.

Residency for calculation.

Sellers of Japanese real estate are liable for consumption tax in Japan, regardless of whether the seller actually resides in Japan, and regardless of whether the seller is deemed to have a ‘permanent establishment’ in Japan under Japanese income tax rules.

However, foreign and/or Japanese sellers not qualifying as a ‘taxable enterprise’ for Japanese consumption tax purposes [generally any person or entity with more than 10 million JPY qualifying revenue in the fiscal year two years prior to the date of transfer] are exempted from having to pay consumption tax.

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