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There are a lot of things to take care of when buying or selling ski resort property in Japan. Owning a real estate in this country has its benefits and downsides. Thus, you might want to ask for support from skilled and experienced professionals who understand the local market and have established connections to service providers in the chosen area.

We have a compiled a list of property managers and real estate agents that you can find around the main ski resorts of Japan: Niseko, Rusutsu, Furano and Hakuba. These companies can assist you with the buying and selling of properties as well as the subsequent management of those properties close to Japan ski resorts.

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SMEJapan offers advice and support on the key aspects of handling your property and business in Japan. Starting with such major tasks as annual tax submission, property accounting, and consumption tax refunds, we can assist you with all the big and small aspects of running a company in Japan. We are here to answer all your question.

Niseko / Rusutsu / Kiroro Areas


Niseko is the gem of Hokkaido ski resorts. The area encompases Mt. Yotei, which is also sometimes called Mt. Fuji of Hokkaido, and Annupuri ranges covered in dry powder snow from late November to early May. Niseko has the longest skiing season in Japan and sometimes called the snowiest place in the world during wintertime.

There are six ski areas in Noseko: Hirafu, Niseko Village, Annupuri, Hanazono, Moiwa, and Weiss. Each of them offers accomodation of all types in a wide range of prices. Moreover, there are numerous hot spring baths in the area along with restaurants offering both Japanese and non-Japanese quisine. Niseko is popular among tourists for providing services in English in many places.

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Hakuba / Nagano Ski Areas


Located in Japan’s Alps, Hakuba has an elevation of 3000 m. It offers both winter and summer activities to its visitors. During wintertime, visitors can enjoy the Olympic facilities of Hakuba Ski Jumping Stadium, while in summertime one can visit the largest alpine garden in the country. Moreover, visitors can visit Jigokudani Park to see snow monkeys taking hot baths.

Hakuba is a part of Hakuba Chubu-Sangaku National Park. There one can go mountain hiking and biking or enjoy water activities: canoeing, kayaking, fishing. Moreover, Hakuba is home to unique black Matsumoto Castle and Taiko Drum performers, making the place a perfect tourist attraction.

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Furano Ski Area


Furano is one of the key ski resorts in Japan also known for being a set for a television drama Kita no Kuni. It is a world-class ski resort and an amazing destination for summer vacations as well. Every year tourists can enjoy blooming lavender fields at Tomita farm and enjoy local wineries, as Furano is famous for cultivating excellent grapes.

For those who travel with children, Furano offers such family attractions as walking routs, jam museum, Blue Pond, one-of-a-kind Belly Button Festival, and Asahitama Zoo that focuses on species endemic to Hokkaido.

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Investment in ski resort property in Japan is an opportunity to benefit from seasonal tourism or acquire a place to enjoy the unique culture and breathtaking landscapes as a resident and a private house owner. Property managers and real estate agents can help you figure out the best options for you and your business, and take upon themselves some tedious operations as keeping the area clean, managing garbage, maintaining the house, working with customers, and many more. These agents and managers can significantly cut unnecessary costs and save a lot of time for those, who are not familiar with the laws and best practices of Japan. If you have question about ski resort properties in Japan, be sure to contact us.

Ski resort property FAQ

I am hesitant about buying/selling property in the ski resort area. What should I do?

We have a guide about the pros and cons of owning a real estate property in Japan to help you make informed decision.

Can I buy land and houses separately?

Yes, you can. Japan treats the land and objects above/under it as different real estate categories. To learn more, take a look at our guide.

Is infrastructure on Hokkaido well-developed?

Such popular touristic places as Niseko, Hakuba, and Furano can be easily accessed with public transport. Depending on the season and the place of your stay, you might want to rent a car. Some remote areas could be in need of snow cleaning. If you own real estate in such areas, you might want to consider property managers for assistance, e.g. area cleaning, housekeeping, garbage removal, etc.

Are services in ski resorts available in English?

If you travel as a tourist, most of the facilities will probably have staff that can assist you in English. If you are looking for real estate agents or property managers, keep in mind that some companies might not be able to communicate in English. In case you are planning to run a ski resort property, it would definitely be useful to have bilingual staff since Hokkaido is a very popular destination for a lot of locals as well as foreigners.

What if guests would like to ski in many different trails?

Ski resorts in Hokkaido are often united in clusters and ski passes bought in one place can give tourists access to all the slopes and trails in the unit. It is better to confirm access rights when buying ski passes.