Airbnb in Japan: Investment Opportunities for Local and Foreign SMEs

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Investing in Airbnb in Japan is an exciting venture. However, as an investor your main concern is profitability. Naturally, the question ia, where should you start your Airbnb to reap the best returns? Unfortunately, the answer is more complex, especially with Japan’s tightening short-term rental regulations since 2018.

In response to this, Japan introduced a new law, the Minpaku Law. This mandates that all short-term rental hosts must secure a license. Additionally, hosts must also display a registration number on their listings, similar to hotel regulations. Consequently, the penalty for non-compliance was steep. In fact, Airbnb had to remove over 80% of its listings in Japan. As a result, this created confusion and debate among hosts and guests. But it wasn’t all bad. Indeed, for travelers, these laws meant safer stays in Japanese Airbnbs.

The promise of an immersive rural Japanese experience ensures a robust investment return.

Contrary to expectations, tougher laws haven’t deterred investors. They’ve enhanced professionalism and security in the market. This has, in turn, boosted Airbnb’s appeal as a trusted and profitable investment. Moreover, Japan’s dynamic landscapes, from bustling cities to tranquil countryside, offer diverse investment opportunities.


While more stringent, these rules haven’t stifled investor interest but have heightened it. By infusing the market with an added layer of professionalism and security, they’ve made owning an Airbnb in Japan feasible and lucrative.

From the hustle and bustle of expansive cities to the tranquil beauty of the countryside, Japan offers an appealing range of locales that promise healthy returns on your investment. Cultural diversity and a balanced blend of urban and rural landscapes provide an intriguing prospect for potential investors.


After careful consideration, we’ve identified five cities that are especially profitable for Airbnb hosts. Each city, with its unique blend of attractions, offers guests a distinct taste of Japan’s rich culture:

Saitama: An appealing fusion of urban development and natural beauty, the average property price is ¥28,140,000 ($217,674).

Kyoto: Steeped in ancient culture and traditions, Kyoto boasts a higher property price of ¥34,190,000 ($264,473).

Osaka: Known for its thriving food scene, the average property price here is a reasonable ¥30,000,000 ($232,062).

Nagasaki: This historical city offers accessible investment opportunities with an average property price of ¥20,440,000 ($158,111).

Okinawa: A tropical paradise with a higher property price of ¥34,300,000 ($265,324), owing to its irresistible allure for beach lovers.


In the Toyama Prefecture, we must mention Airbnb’s new venture, Nanto. This remote village, embraced by the towering Alps, symbolizes Japan’s stunning natural beauty and is a testament to Airbnb’s commitment to promoting unique travel experiences. The increasing popularity of off-the-beaten-path travel makes Nanto an exciting opportunity for investors. The promise of an immersive rural Japanese experience ensures a robust investment return.


With the right knowledge and understanding of Japan’s specific Airbnb market, your investment can be highly profitable. Whether you choose to invest in one of the top five cities or the hidden gem of Nanto, remember each property brings the chance to offer guests the magic of Japan. In return, you could see a generous profit on your investment. Embrace the potential and make your mark in Japan’s thriving Airbnb market.

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