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Era of Artificial Intelligence Makes Robots Irresistible

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The Secrets of Artificial Intelligence

Chiba Institute of Technology has recently put out new technology that is going to become an absolute gate-crasher in the area of artificial intelligence. CanguRo, a kangaroo like 3 wheeled robot, is the latest in Japanese technology. CanguRo has up-to-date equipped features to give you human-like help. Only weighing 64 kilos, CanguRo is able to give you lift whenever you need and even able to carry the clothes you bought in the shopping mall.

If one is interested and knowledgable in the recent investigations in the area of artificial intelligence, professor Noriko Arayi definitely is it. He is aware of the fact that Japan is creating a new type of artificial intelligence with great abilities. These abilities include creating robots that may be able to surpass students in exams in the future. Why are the developments of artificial intelligence crucially important here?

The professor Noriko Arayi shared his idea- “One of the scientific purposes in our country is to define the limitations of artificial intelligence. An ability of humans and machines to complement each other is the key condition of economic growth in the future”.

The robot moves such like a shooter. It defines the position and bent of body, guesses where a person wants to go and which speed is necessary.

Shunki Yamanaka from the University of Tokyo and Takayuki Furuta from the Future Robotics Technology Center are the developers of this exciting three-wheel personal assistant and vehicle we call CanguRo (two in one, isn’t it astonishing?). Chiba Institute of Technology located in Narashino and is well known for famous for breath-taking developments in the game and animation industry, and the new robot is just an addition to their latest technology.

The vehicle mode allows CanguRo to unfold the seat and move the wheels. The inventors cared about even the smallest of detail, making it easy to control the movements. As for the driving facilities, it has a camera and system that identifies the obstacles on your way. Being based on the investigations of artificial intelligence possibilities, it is able to analyze maps, recognize images and check the information about the positioning of subjects. Also, there is an likelihood that the robot will be able to speak soon. However, such technology is still under observation.

The robot moves like a shooter. It defines the position and bent of body, guesses where a person wants to go and which speed is necessary.

CanguRo- A Friend or Slave?

Takayuki Furuta shared the vision of Japan Institute of Technology. They would like to make a perfect combination of robot technology and mobility come true. The promotional video of RidRoid CanguRo shows a teen who is somehow confused in a big space. The robot jumps into action. Though firstly the boy does not know how to act seeing the 3 wheeled robot, he quickly adapts and sits on CanguRo, finding his way.

The customers in Japan are happy! The smart robot will use its mechanisms to satisfy the needs of the clients.  If one wants to relax, CanguRo transforms into the vehicle. If another one is in need of an assistant, it will always be close to you and that includes holding your shopping bags. In addition, the robot is able to reach is 10 km/h. The smart robot will use its mechanisms to satisfy the needs of the clients.

It seems that RidRoid CanguRo is going to become the best friend for many Japanese people. At least, the inventors think so. Hopefully, CanguRo will share his thoughts and feelings just like a smart robot. Currently, this robot is likely to make a sound that is similar to Android BB-8 from ‘Star Wars’ and sadly droop the head if his owner does not pay enough attention to the shrewd CanguRo.

Artificial Intelligence is enviably the future, with Japan taking a lead in the pioneer of such technology.

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