Matchmaking in Japan Helped by High-tech Gadgets and AI

Japanese matchmaking companies have started using high-tech gadgets and artificial intelligence to assist people in finding suitable spouses

A Japanese wedding ceremony

Artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technologies are starting to play a role in relation to Japanese matchmaking. A number of companies and organisations have turned to these technologies to improve people’s chances of finding the perfect partner.

The new technology is being used to give users a greater knowledge of potential mates, revealing details like hobbies and smoking habits to whether or not they’ve been married before. Some of the new gadgets include a wristband which allows quick information sharing between potential couples and AI that matches people based on data provided.

High-tech konkatsu party

In the spring of last year, matchmaking agency, Zwei, introduced a new technology to their dating programme dubbed “intra-body communication.”

The company held a konkatsu (marriage introduction) party where participants wore wristbands that were activated when they shook hands. Their personal profile then appeared on a tablet in front of them, allowing them to ask each other questions based on the information they saw displayed on the screen.

At the event, people were encouraged to ask more in-depth questions prompted by the tablet. For example, questions such as “Would you prefer dual income?” gave people more insight into potential partners’ attitudes towards finances.

According to Zwei, the technology has increased its matchmaking success by 10 to 20 per cent with plans to make further improvements. “We will accumulate data about successful topics of conversation to hopefully raise marriage rates,” a company official said.

questions such as “Would you prefer dual income?” gave people more insight into potential partners’ attitudes towards finances

Government plays its own matchmaking role

Of Japan’s 47 prefectures, Akita Prefecture recorded the lowest marriage rate. In response, the local government will launch a new AI-based matchmaking service this month.

Partner Agent Inc developed the system which provides support for marriage introduction services to help registered members to find potential spouses. Those who register will be required to answer more than 100 questions during the registration process. Then the AI system will analyse the data and recommend partners based on the answers provided.

Previously registrants had to visit one of Akita’s three prefectural matchmaking centres but, with the new technology, they can complete the process via their smartphone or computer.

Fukushima and Saitama prefectural governments have introduced a similar system to help local single people find their future spouses.

Japanese dating café model expansion

Going to an aiseki izakaya, which is a table-sharing café, is another Japanese dating option where pairs, or groups, of single people are randomly matched at a booth in the café. You could find yourself seated next to the love of your life. Or, at the very least, you’ll have an opportunity to practice your Japanese with a native speaker.

One popular aiseki izakaya, Aisekiya, is partnering with Corlene International Entertainment Pte. Ltd to open one of its cafés in Singapore and another in the Southeast Asian region.

Meanwhile, Japanese billionaire, Yusaku Meazawa, is using a reality-TV dating show to find his ideal woman to accompany him on a trip to the moon.

With all these options, looking for love in Japan could become a whole lot easier. Have you had trouble finding a significant other? Do you think the methods mentioned above would help? Let us know in the comments below.

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Advanced technology can improve dating prospects for single people and increase the overall marriage rate in Japan.

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