7 Start-Ups Making it Easier to do Business in Japan

New Ideas are Bringing More Convenience to the Everyday Running of Japanese Companies

Japanese start-ups

Japan start-ups are on the rise; With the boom in the start-up scene in Japan, it’s not surprising to see a range of technology aimed at making life easier for the masses in business. The genius minds behind these start-ups clearly saw some gaps in the market and got their innovation caps on to come up with the following advancements.

Help with Business Set Up

Mosh is a service that allows businesses to create customized web pages easily. You can have a new website in a minute, without having to know anything about HTML or CSS. Using Mosh, people can add a variety of features, such as automating reservations and allowing customers to leave reviews. And the best bit is, you can do all this using your smartphone when you’re on the go.

Grooves is a social recruitment platform that offers businesses three services. Crowd Agent connects job seekers to employers wishing to fill a position. Recruitment platform, Forkwell, is specifically for IT engineers to showcase their skills and work portfolios. And finally, Skillshift is for people who are looking for a side-hustle or job opportunities in rural areas.

The genius minds behind these start-ups clearly saw some gaps in the market …

Marketing and Advertising

Spotsale by IJGN helps businesses raise money and attract new customers. The platform allows customers to search and trade within the site to get the deals they want. Businesses can raise cash by using the platform to offer memberships, discounts, and coupons to potential customers. From there, customers can choose to keep the item or trade it with other people on SpotSale.

Fanp, from Zeals, is an advertising tool that connects clickers from Facebook ads to a Messenger chatbot instead of to a website landing page. There they can discuss in more detail the product or service they are interested in. This has been proven to increase the conversion rate compared to when clickers are sent to a homepage.

Xica Magellan is a cloud-based marketing analysis tool. Xica weighs up the potential of different marketing campaigns by analysing how much marketing measures are contributing to the outcomes. It also provides budget plans for marketers to maximize their results in the most cost-effective manner.

Employee Development and Well-Being

Flamingo is a language app that connects people who want to learn a language with teachers working near them. It has a network of over 2000 teachers living around Japan, making scheduling a lesson very easy. You can have a class in a café near you, at a time that suits you, and at an affordable rate. No excuses anymore!

iCare has created Carely to monitor the health and well-being of business employees. The service offers consultations for employees to check their stress levels and chat with health professionals in an effort to maintain their physical and mental health in the workplace.

If you’re a business owner, why not test drive some of these Japan start-ups for yourself. Maybe you’ll save yourself some time and a few headaches in the future.

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Start-ups are driving the world forward, and making life more convenient in the process.

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