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Fukuoka has quickly become a sought after place for global entrepreneurs to launch their businesses. Here’s a short guide to help you learn more about how to build a startup in Fukuoka and why it’s such a popular choice.

Work with the Global Startup Center

The Global Startup Center (GSC) is a team of expert concierges available to help entrepreneurs launch their startups in Fukuoka. The GSC helps startups to refine their business plans, matches startups with potential local employees, makes introductions to lawyers and HR experts, and a great deal more.

The Global Startup Center (GSC) is a team of expert concierges available to help entrepreneurs launch their startups in Fukuoka

Apply for the Startup Visa

One of the perks of Fukuoka’s designation as a National Strategic Special Zone, is that foreign entrepreneurs can be granted a Startup Visa. The Startup Visa has relaxed regulations and requirements. In addition, the visa duration was recently increased to up to one year, allowing startup founders more time to develop deeper connections within Fukuoka.

Access Startup Benefits

Founders in Fukuoka can apply for a variety of money-saving programs supported by Startup City Fukuoka. Select startups can take advantage of a range of cost-saving benefits, including reduced national taxes, low-interest loans, subsidies for office space, and more.

Startups can also participate in contests and competitions to access even more benefits. For example, certain pitch contest winners are invited to join the city on missions to startup events around the world.

Meet Global Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in Fukuoka benefit from being a part of a strong international startup community. Local and global founders unite to collaborate and socialize at our central startup hub, Fukuoka Growth Next.

Additionally, Fukuoka has Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with many cities and organizations around the world. These MoUs give Fukuoka-based startups the chance to tap into exclusive MoU benefits when they create branches in other regions.

Experience Fukuoka

While many founders come to Fukuoka to enter the Japanese market, they stay because it is such an outstanding city. Recently ranked as one of Monocle’s top 25 most livable cities, Fukuoka gives residents access to an energetic city, beautiful beaches, stunning green spaces, and delicious foods all within a short distance of one another.


"Otsumami" - a bite size snack:

All of this adds up to a work/life balance that is tough to beat.

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