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Japanese are known to live the longest and be in a quite good health also during the later periods of their life. Of course, climate, cuisine, and the high standards of living all contribute to this tendency, but so do also constantly developing healthcare technologies.

For decades medical and pharmaceutical professionals have been working selflessly to find newer and better treatments to fight diseases. Still, unfortunately, not everything can be cured, especially if not discovered at an early stage.

Early diagnostics is crucial, but can come with some inconveniences, such as regular checkups, which may drain the budget and don’t always go well with the tight schedules. That is why we would like to introduce you to two Japanese startups that are already now offering some seriously advanced healthcare technologies at low prices to keep your body and mind safe and sound without investing much time in them.


Created in 2014 by Maria Tsuruoka, Symax has already won several significant awards in a healthcare sphere and is a bright representative of IoT startup that may and probably already is shaping the future. It is a winner of a healthcare track at Health 2.0 Asia – Japan pitching competition and Asia Innovation Forum Young in 2015, it got funding from Draper Nexus, and also was mentioned by Forbes, TechCrunch, and Nikkei.

Advanced healthcare technologies at low prices to keep your body and mind safe without investing much time in them.

Moreover, not only Symax technology is capable of detecting about 86% of such lifestyle diseases as diabetes at an early stage with a 99% precision, it is a very affordable healthcare solution. By investing only 8$ a month, you get to use a small device that is set up onto the toilet to run urine tests and keep track of one’s general conditions. The company offers corporate solutions as well.

Once installed, you do not need to worry about doing anything else, but to live your daily life while the device does all the tracking and calculations to let you know if something does not seem right.


It is sad to acknowledge, but Japan is not only a land of the rich cultural heritage and unique street fashion, but also a homeland to a number of socially disturbing phenomena preceded or accompanied by the high level of stress: karoushi or death from overwork, shiken jigoku or examination hell for students, and of course top rankings in suicide statistics. Living in Japan in many cases is synonymous with constant stress exposure.

Cocololo strives to fight the situation by monitoring one’s mental state and not allowing stress to escalate to dangerous levels. A number of serious mental conditions may be prevented by recognizing their presence and influence in our daily lives. In order to assess the level of stress, Cocololo application asks a user to press their finger to the smart phone’s camera and then analyzes the changes in skin color to understand the heartbeat fluctuations to give an estimate of the current condition.

All results are recorded in the diary and can be shared with other users of friends. The application makes it easier to communicate one’s feelings and helps to find support from other users of the app, who can provide a piece of advice or simply keep a good company by chatting. And it doesn’t cost anything to use it.

What healthcare solutions do you use? Let us know in a comment section below how they are influencing your life and would you consider using Symax or Cocololo too.

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Health is not valued until sickness comes. Let’s keep sicknesses at bay!

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