Rock, Paper, Limex

Japanese Company Making Paper from Stone

Turning rock into paper in Japan
Rock into Paper? Only in Japan.

The well-known children’s game will never be the same again. There is no more dilemma of whether a rock beats the paper or the other way around because a rock and a piece of paper are now the same thing. How is this even possible?

Meet Limex, a new eco-friendly and recyclable material produced in Japan that may ensure our sustainable and green future by replacing paper and plastic. It is already solving two enormous problems of our world – water shortage and conservation of natural resources.

Why is Limex so eco-friendly?

Developed by the TBM Co, Limex has the potential to solve multiple complex environmental issues. Currently, Limex is being used to replace paper and petroleum-based plastic products. This is great news for humanity. The deforestation catastrophe has reached the unbelievable scale: patches of vanished tropical forest in Brazil can be clearly seen from space on the aerial shots.

Humanity cannot afford losing its “lungs” and innovations to shorten or replace pulp consumption are more than welcomed. The same goes for petroleum-based products. On the one hand, we are running out of oil, on the other – humanity, in general, is bad at recycling plastic.

It is already solving two enormous problems of our world – water shortage and conservation of natural resources.

Production of Limex is based on limestone, which is a wide-spread, non-precious raw material with a high recycling capability. Only in Japan there is 24 billion tons of it. Less than one ton of material replaces 20 trees.

TBM claims Limex to be “semi-permanent and nearly inexhaustible”. It helps not only to stop the deforestation but also save a lot of water since production of Limex requires none. Not to mention conservation of oil resources and drastic reduction of plastic waste.

Doing old things the new way

There are many options to contribute to green movement: use a personal coffee mug, textile bag, and a metal straw instead of taking a new one every time you need it in the market or cafeteria, or go paperless and utilize only electronic versions of documents. The later may be challenging for Japan since there are so many faxes being sent and so many business cards being printed today. Limex allows to keep up with the familiar routine without harming the nature.

The new kind of paper maintains the same functionality as the regular one, yet has additional properties that the pulp paper may never allow for. It is much harder to bend or break, which extends their durability. Moreover, Limex paper prevents ink smudging and can be used underwater. Limex plastic replaces films and sheets, plus it helps to save on charges for recycling under Japan Containers and Packaging Recycling Law.

Are you keen on making green choices? Let us know if you would like to take Limex products into use and how would you use them?

Today’s “otsumami” – a bite size snack:

Making green choices today is important for a better and sustainable life tomorrow. 

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