Japan’s ‘New Lifestyle’ Measures to Include QR Contact Tracing, Karaoke Masks, and Antibody Testing

New measures being considered to help businesses return to normal while reducing the risk of a second wave of coronavirus infections

New lifestyle in Japan
People on the street in Tokyo

Following the lifting of Japan’s state of emergency on May 25, the government has advised its citizens on the importance of adjusting to a ‘new lifestyle’ to ensure the country is not hit by a second wave of virus cases.

The measures recommended for businesses reopening now include contact tracing apps, the wearing of masks in closed spaces, and antibody testing to reduce the risks of flare-ups among patrons and the wider community.

QR-code system in bars and restaurants

Osaka has introduced a prefectural-run QR code system for tracking coronavirus outbreaks within the prefecture. Bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the area can opt to register their businesses on the system. They will receive a QR code which they can print out and display at their entrance.

Customers will then be able to scan the QR code using their smartphones. They will be directed to an online registration form where they can input their email address. If it is discovered later that someone who had visited the same establishment has contracted the virus, the other customers who registered will be alerted via email.

the Japan Karaoke Box Association has come up with some guidelines on how the industry can adopt new lifestyle measures and safely resume

Theme parks to open in stages

The theme parks in the Osaka area have announced a plan to reopen in stages, beginning on June 8. The first visitors to be permitted access to Universal Studios Japan will be residents from Osaka Prefecture with annual passes. People wishing to visit will be required to register in advance to receive a special invitation.

The next stage begins on June 15, and opens up the park to anyone who lives in Osaka Prefecture. People can pre-register for a limited number of passes and they will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. The park will eventually expand entry to visitors from other prefectures.

Masks to be new lifestyle in karaoke boxes

Japan’s national pastime, karaoke, is an example of the kind of situation the government is warning people to avoid. The activity takes place in small booth with people belting out their favourite songs into a microphone that is passed from person to person.

However, the Japan Karaoke Box Association has come up with some guidelines on how the industry can adopt new lifestyle measures and safely resume. They recommend that the number of people per booth be restricted and ask that everyone wears masks or other protective gear while enjoying their karaoke session.

Antibody testing for gym goers

After having to close down its gyms because of the pandemic, Rizap Group Inc saw its shares drop by almost 60 per cent this year. However, the gym operator has announced plans to provide coronavirus antibody tests to more than 6,000 employees and trainers, as well as testing new clients. This move will allow its fitness outlets to reopen and ensure the safety of all its gym users going forward.

What new measures have businesses in your local area been implementing? Let us know in the comments.

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Businesses are finding new ways to operate as Japan adopts a new lifestyle to cope with coronavirus.

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