Taiwan Innotech Expo: Taiwanese SMBs to Cooperate Heavily with Japanese Businesses

Japanese and Taiwanese business experts are sharing valuable insights to stimulate the growth of SMBs in both countries

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Taiwanese small and medium-sized businesses are to join forces with Japan as the outcome of the Taiwan Innotech Expo was more than positive. The heads of Japanese businesses are to support Taiwan businesses and share their contacts through a series of consultations in order to further strengthen the relationship between these two countries.

Since Japan and Taiwan have been cooperating for quite some time now, this new cooperation is a product of long years of doing business together. Japan confirmed that their entrepreneurs are prepared to share their knowledge, technology, and resources to support Taiwanese small and medium-sized businesses.

Cooperation was the main goal of the latest experience sharing seminar where Taiwanese companies were invited with the purpose to strengthen and facilitate greater Taiwan-Japan professional and business exchanges. This seminar gathered not only Taiwanese and Japanese business experts but international professionals and business specialists as well who all made efforts to show their support.

Small and medium-sized businesses have been on the rise for quite some time now in the entire region. With that in mind, Japan started collaborating tightly and closely with its neighbor countries in order to create a strong business exchange that would further support the progress and development of all countries that collaborate and cooperate with Japan.

Japan deemed it necessary to participate in such a cooperation as it’s simply necessary to meet the evergrowing customer demand and pour fresh potential to international business markets.

Japanese Support and Consulting to Taiwanese SME

Japanese Support and Consulting to Taiwanese SME

Among the many positive things discussed at Taiwan Innotech Expo, the biggest attention was on facilitating business links between Japan and Taiwan. Japan promised to support and give advice to Taiwanese small and medium-sized companies in order to further help the facilitation of business links between these two countries.

The Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (SMEA) of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), managed to successfully organize the annual business event under the name Taiwan-Japan Business Cooperation Experience Sharing Seminar.

With the main goal aimed at realizing international business exchange, MOEA invited numerous business experts, professionals, specialists and other scholars from Japan to share their knowledge and valuable business experiences. The purpose of this business exchange was to increase the level of business education in Taiwan as well as to create potential business opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses from both countries.

By sharing these valuable business experiences, SME professionals from Taiwan can acquire useful skills that they can apply in their future business endeavors. There is one more aspect of this cooperation. This seminar was aimed to point out the significance of creating and developing a wide variety of communication channels, necessary for further cooperation between Taiwan and their Japanese counterparts. By helping Taiwanese companies establish these channels of cooperation, both countries can utilize the full potential of such collaboration while improving country relations at the same time.

Taiwanese small and medium-sized companies will gain a very valuable insight into how to apply reliable international business models.

Corporate Culture and International Business Models

Corporate Culture and International Business Models

Coming from the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), this event is the biggest opportunity for understanding corporate cultures as well as international models aimed at improving the process of making important business decisions. By absorbing the knowledge necessary for the understanding of corporate cultures and the differences between these two countries, Taiwanese small and medium-sized companies will gain a very valuable insight into how to apply reliable international business models.

This will help businesses improve their strategies and achieve better results in terms of professional growth and development. By doing so, Taiwan could solve their unemployment issues while providing better opportunities for their small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses are essential if not crucial for the stability of Taiwan and, therefore, Japan will make all the necessary efforts to provide valuable advice and share its experience in a business exchange for the mutual benefits of both parties.

The Significance of Taiwan Innotech Expo

The best proof of how significant this business collaboration is for both countries is the fact that the most important persons from the business sphere attended this event. Two of those important figures are deputy head of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, Yokota Hiroshi, and Su Wen-Ling, deputy head of SMEA.

Beside them, a wide range of various industry and business experts also attended the seminar as this gesture alone is enough to emphasize the significance of such an event. The Japan-Tawain business cooperation might usher a new era of prosperity for both countries while a variety of benefits will arise on both ends.

By creating so many positive opportunities, Japan and Taiwan fortified and strengthened their relations by sending a clear message to the rest of the world that international cooperation is one of the best ways to solve any crisis.

Yokota Hiroshi held a speech where he explicitly emphasized the significance of this cooperation for both countries. He reminded everybody present of the incentives for international businesses and mentioned how Japan’s current business policies promote this collaboration. He also pointed out all the potential and opportunities that will arise from this cooperation and how excited he is about everything that has been done so far.

By successfully conquering the language barrier which was the biggest obstacle for business cooperation between Taiwan and Japan, the head of The Japanese Nomura Research Institute, Chang Cheng-Wu, emphasized how important it is to establish firm international business-to-business relations. He also said that these two countries can solve any problem and conquer any obstacles in their way by working closely together.

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