6 Startups Exhibiting at TIA Tokyo 2018

A Creative and Important Event in the Japan Startup Scene

Startups Exhibiting at TIA Tokyo 2018

TIA Tokyo 2018 what is happening?

Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018 (TIA Tokyo) is happening on September 20 and 21. Lots of startups will have an incredible opportunity to showcase their products at the Startup Factory, where they can also pitch and test their products. More than 1500 conference attendees will have a chance to build connections with industry leaders. They will also get to meet other aspiring entrepreneurs engaged in the tech community.

Here are six out of the numerous startups that you’ll be able to check out at TIA Tokyo 2018.



Attuned designed a smart survey tool for analyzing employee engagement and learning what drives team members in the workplace. It can help business owners predict and prevent unwanted employee turnover.

Combining machine learning and the employee pulse survey, Attuned allows you to check your employees’ satisfaction on a weekly basis. People are the most vital asset of any organization, but it can be challenging to track their engagement and work on enhancing it. This is the main idea behind Attuned’s smart survey tool for predictive HR analytics.

With Attuned, you can easily identify what motivates every team member and personalize the pulse survey. You can thus predict potential employee turnover and get a clear insight into the reasons for potential turnover.

Are you looking forward to checking out these brilliant startups at Tech in Asia Tokyo this September?



Finding the right insurance package can be daunting. The entire process and all the solutions tend to be complex, especially because of all the bureaucracy. There are also some cases when an insurance company doesn’t allow clients to get insurance online.

This is where InsureVite comes in. InsureVite is a web and mobile-based startup with a mission to make the overall insurance experience much simpler. It provides consumers with an intelligent bot platform driven by AI and blockchain technology.

No more dreaded paperwork and jumping through hoops. Do you want to get the insurance information you need quickly? Do you want to purchase an insurance policy, manage it or make a claim? With InsureVite’s intelligent chatbot Cherry, you can do all that in seconds – on a single platform.




Have you ever wished your camera could understand text and digitize it? Have you ever wanted to detect a particular car model that you liked and wanted to find instantly? It sounds like something straight out of science fiction movies, but it has actually become reality.

Asilla, a Japanese data analytics startup company, has developed an AI-powered Image Recognition API platform. It’s called the AIR (Asilla Image Recognition) Platform to help users convert images and videos into perfectly streamlined, actionable information.

For instance, you can use the AIR Platform to determine the number of people or types of cars in a particular area. It can also automatically censor inappropriate online content and capture text data on an image or video and digitize it into numbers.

As such, the AIR Platform can help you improve your business in many ways. It’s also a great solution for managing various activities in online communities and can be excellent for security identification.




Imagine entering a restaurant, café or a retail store for the first time and being introduced to a personalized selection of items tailored just for you. It’s not a dream – with Touché, it’s a reality.

Touché is a startup focused on helping businesses significantly improve their customer experiences. It uses state-of-the-art biometric solutions and loyalty programs that are customized for every single customer, no matter where they are.

Touché opens the door to a whole new shopping experience. With a quick swipe of a finger, customers can instantly get information on promotions, reward and loyalty programs, and credit card options. They can make their payments and have a complete history of all their transactions detailed in their profiles. This will help businesses around the world instantly provide their customers with personalized offers.



The data analytics startup, Z-Works developed a cloud-based IoT-enabled monitoring platform called “Life Engine”. Its goal is to help caregivers improve the quality of life of elderly people.

The IoT monitoring platform provides specific scenario analytics. It uses motion sensors and other sensors connected to the cloud, to track various activities and health factors of the elderly. Elderly caregivers can monitor all the sensors within Life Engine’s mobile app and develop proper plans and strategies for effective care.

Z-Works is not only for professional caregivers, though. Families can use the IoT platform’s mobile app and access the cloud-connected sensors to help their loved ones lead a normal, healthy life. The platform can currently be used to connect 10 devices and collect over 20 different types of data, such as temperature and vitals.




Repro is a mobile data analytics startup company that provides its customers with in-depth app user insights. They aim to help people continually improve their apps and generate more revenue.

Every single day, more and more mobile apps are hitting the market. It has become extremely difficult to retain users and keep them engaged. This is exactly why Repro has developed its analytics tool – it opens the door to a whole new world of improvement possibilities for app developers.

With Repro, you can easily make the user acquisition more efficient. You can effectively analyze and growth-hack the app and instantly identify any potential issues with it. This is a great way to improve conversion and retention rates.

The Repro’s tool uses eye-tracking technology and makes recordings of in-app usage. It helps app developers discover potential bugs, as they can clearly see what issues the users encounter within the app. To do so, app developers only need to install the Repro’s tool in their mobile app. The tool can also be seamlessly installed in any app even before it’s released

Are you looking forward to checking out these brilliant startups at Tech in Asia Tokyo this September? Do you have a startup that you wish to present to the world? If so, be sure to apply for an exhibitor booth at KIA Tokyo 2018, which you can do by August 26.

The booth package comes with a 1-day booth and 2 exhibitor passes. If you apply by August 5, you’ll get a 15% discount off your booth package, paying only for the booth. Hurry up and reserve your spot!


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